Each unit is customized to your specific need so that we can make sure you LOVE your unit. Please leave a detailed description in the text box so that we can serve you best!  You will receive a notification that will let you know your order is ready. All units come with three bundles if they are under 18" and four bundles if they are 16-24" and five bundles if they are 24-30".  

Custom Units

  •  All UNITS take 1-2 weeks from the date you order them (NO EXCEPTIONS). There are NO LOCAL PICKUPS. ALL orders will be shipped out (NO EXCEPTIONS). I do NOT add combs or clips. All units come equipped with a band for security. If you know your measurements please include them in the text box. If you do not include your measurements in the text box, WE WILL NOT be held RESPONSIBLE for a unit that does not fit. There are NO REFUNDS. Units can be fixed to ensure your satisfaction. 

  • All units are made to fit a standard sized head (24 inch circumfrence) unless you tell us otherwise. We are not responsible for a unit that does not fit, but will do everything we can to accommodate you. All units are machine-made. Unit construction does not begin until you order. Please allow 1-2 week for unit construction and shipping.