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About The Curator


My name is Ja'Nisha Robinson and I am a native of Greenville, Mississippi. A mental health professional by day and an entrepreneur 25/8, Love Cheveux (initially dubbed Wigs By J) was curated on May 13th, 2018. My friends would say I'm motivational, driven, genuine, a voice, a great listener, ambitious, persistent,intelligent, determined, hard-working, passionate, not easily swayed, yet open-minded, brave and strong. 


However, I would simply characterize myself as a vessel. Since the beginning the vision has always been bigger than me. This is why we team up with #AllThingsMentalWithJacy yearly to provide scholarships to those planning to major in a social science. 

Your crown is an extension of your beauty,and often the first impression you make. My vision was and still is to create affordable units that emphasize the confidence in women they often suppress. Units that will make women want to be who they truly are with complete confidence. Units that will allow a woman's light to shine through her so much so, tht it illuminates others. 

My brand is a reflection of myself. It's so personal to me.

I am grateful that you have chosen to shop with my brand and hope to love you so much while you're here!